Welcome to 4 Paws Treat Box

We are a small business based in Milton Keynes. Our goal is to provide high quality natural treats and chews.

Why choose natural treats?

Natural treats are the one of the best way to supplement your dog’s diet.  Not only are they delicious and smell heavenly to dogs, but they offer a great range of health benefits and are full of important nutrients which support all aspects of your dog’s health. 

Natural treats are prepared in a way that ensures they retain all the nutrients which would be lost in the heavy preparation process of mass-produced dog treats.  Natural treats do not contain any of the harmful toxins, chemicals, preservatives, additives or hormones which are found in many mass-produced treats. These additives can have a negative impact on every aspect of your dog’s physical and mental health.

Dental & Oral Health Support

Natural treats are great for keeping your dog's teeth clean, while dogs are enjoy munching on treats, the chewing action works to remove accumulated dirt, plaque and tartar between the teeth, contributing to great oral health

Joint Care

Natural treats which are high in Omega-3, glucosamine and chondroitin will help to support healthy joints, reduce pain and inflammation. 


Air Dried

Our natural treats are air dried which means the treats are protein and nutrients rich. Once the moisture has been dried out of the natural treat, it means the proteins and nutrients are much more concentrated. This makes natural treats so much more rewarding and tastier for your dogs.

Digestive Health

Natural ingredients are more easily digested by dogs which aids in a healthy gut.  The nutrients they ingest from eating natural are better absorbed by the body and readily available for use. 


Dogs love to chew, it’s in their nature!  Chewing increases their overall wellbeing, not only does it provide mental stimulation, helps to reduce anxiety, boredom and stops them chewing on the furniture!  It also releases serotonin and dopamine, both of which are important to support mental health and gives your dog that ‘happy feeling’.

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